&nsbp Eyes radio lies

I am a journalism student attending a small women's private liberal arts school in Pennsylvania. I am going into my sophomore year in 7 days. This means I have 7 days to pack up my life and continue living in the city while spending an obscene amount of money on learning a career I don't even need a proper degree for.

Sounds snoody, right?

Its the truth.

I may, or may not, be starting a relationship this Fall. I am terrified, to be honest. I spent a year with a man I loved. He called me one day to tell me he didn't love me anymore and that he hadn't for awhile; that the physical benefits are what kept him around. I felt worthless.

I am beautiful. I remind myself this everyday.

This blog will be my story of how I make it.

and I will make it.

On my family crest, it states: Aut Vincere Aut Mori.

either conquer or die.