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shopping with parents 101

Its 12:41 a.m. and I am fully awake. Why? Because I have to go school shopping tomorrow with the parents, more than likely. I have been irresponsible yet again. I spent the entire day out with friends instead of going through my things and figuring out what I need to get when out with the parents, which I guarantee will annoy my mother to the Nth degree. So, I believe tomorrow will bring the actress out in me. I am going to act like I know exactly what I need and want for the dorm room.

I have a general idea of what I'd like to be in my space. I kind of know what I'm already taking. Its just filling in the blanks of what I used up last year. Basic living supplies is pretty much a necessity at this point, but I'm not worried because if I forget those--there are places just down the street I can buy these things from.

I'm still nervous about moving back in to dorm life. I've almost readjusted to living at home, and now I have to readjust to living on my own and making my own decisions. Dear. This whole process is entirely too confusing for a 19 year old girl to handle sometimes. I suppose I lose a grip on reality, on how young I actually am.

I've hit the stage I was warned about for so long. Its not exactly what I would describe as fun, but it is definitely an experience. How does one explain the transition from everyday teenager to an actual young woman?

It's a bold move for us ladies. One day, you're wearing old jeans with a tee shirt and sneakers. The next day, you're in a cute top with a flowing skirt and heels. My favorite is the combination look--heels with jeans and a "cute" shirt---this look can lead to trouble as it screams, "Help me! I'm becoming a woman and have no idea what I'm doing....would you help me grow up?" But this is an experience that I won't write about until a later blog, when appropriate and for when I've figured out the answer to how to "fix" the problem, if it even is a problem.

So, back to the topic of shopping for school. Aside from my explaining to the parents that "No, I am not 12 years old anymore," I suppose it will be fun and I hope to God that my mother is in a relatively good mood.

So, the debate I will face tomorrow is: Professional Wear, Regular Clothing or the Combination?

Wish me luck. It will be a long day.